Scheduling a meeting on your (Microsoft 365) calendar using Outlook for Windows

You can schedule meetings in Outlook to coordinate meeting times and locations with others and track meeting invitation responses. When you create a meeting request, invited users receive an email invitation to which they can respond. You will receive notification when users accept, decline or propose a new time for the meeting.

  1. In the Calendar view, click New Meeting in the Ribbon.
  2. In the new meeting window, enter the meeting Subject.
  3. In the text box below the subject, enter a note about your meeting, just like an email message.
  4. There are two ways to add attendees to the meeting.
    • Click inside the To… text box and begin typing the name or address of an attendee. Auto-complete will suggest a recipient. Click Enter to accept a suggestion.
    • Enter the name of an attendee in the To… field. Hit Ctrl-K on your keyboard and select the attendee you want from the list that appears. Click OK.
  5. Select a Start time and End time for the meeting. If you want this meeting to recur, click Recurrence in the top ribbon and complete the options in the window that appears.
  6. Add a meeting Location. You can either enter a unreservable space, or use Room Finder to find and reserve an available space.
    • In the top ribbon in the Show section, click Scheduling Assistant to open a calendar table with all attendees and their availabilities listed. 
    • On the right hand side of the New Meeting window, you should see a section called Room Finder . If you do not see it, click Room Finder from the Options section of the top ribbon.
       Here is a picture showing where the Room Finder button is in case you do not see the Room Finder panel. The Room Finder button is located on the Ribbon in the Options section and it looks like a door with two people in front of it.
       Here is a picture showing what the Room Finder panel looks like, The panel contains four parts: a miniature calendar, a place to select a list of rooms to select the room from, a list of available rooms, and suggested times for the meeting.
    • Select the date that you want to use the resource on the calendar at the top of the Room Finder panel.
    • Select an appropriate room list from the Show a room list dropdown.
    • On the bottom portion of the Room Finder panel, there is a Suggested times panel that lists suggested meeting times on the date selected based on the available rooms and the meeting's attendees. Once you select a time, it will adjust the Available Rooms list to only show rooms available at the time selected.
    • Select room that you want to use from the Available rooms list. This will add the room to the event and send a request to the room calendar's owner upon sending the meeting request.
  7. Click Send. You will be notified when attendees accept or decline. If you reserved a room or resource, you will also receive confirmation or denial via email. Some resources have restricted access, and you may be denied if you do not have proper permissions.
  8. To cancel your meeting, simply right-click the event in your calendar and select Cancel Meeting to send the cancellation message. This will also rescind any room/resource reservations made as part of the meeting.




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