Setting up automated Out of Office replies on your (Microsoft 365) account using Outlook for macOS

Out of Office replies are automated responses that you can set during any time range. If you do not set a time range, you will send an automated response to every email sent to your mailbox until you turn it off.


  1. Click Tools > Out of Office
  2. In the Autoreply Settings window, check Send automatic replies for account
  3. Enter your automatic reply message in the box labeled Reply once to each sender with:
  4. If you want the automatic message to send only during a specific time period listed check Only send replies during this time period:, then enter the start and end dates as desired
  5. If you want your automatic reply to send to email addresses check Also send replies to senders outside my organization; if left unchecked, only addresses will receive an automatic reply
  6. Enter your automatic reply message for non-@northwestern addresses in the box labeled Reply once to each external sender with:
  7. Click OK




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