Scheduling a meeting on your (Microsoft 365) calendar using Outlook for macOS

Meetings are events in Outlook with more than one participant. When you create a meeting request, invited users will receive an email invitation to which they can respond. You will receive notification when users accept, decline or propose a new time for the meeting.


  1. In the Calendar view, click Meeting in the Ribbon to open the Meeting window.
  2. In the Subject: field enter a subject for your meeting.
  3. There are two ways to add attendees to the meeting.
    Click in the To: text box and begin typing the name or address of an attendee. Auto-complete will suggest a recipient. Hit Enter on the keyboard to accept a suggestion.
    Click the address book icon at the right of the To: field. Search for attendees and select the one you want. Click RequiredOptional or Resource to add the attendee to the meeting.
  4. Enter a note about your meeting in the large text box, just like an email message.
  5. Add a location for your meeting in the Location: field. If you plan on reserving a meeting room or other room resource for this meeting, see the instructions below. Otherwise, type in a location to list the place of the meeting without making any reservations.
    1. In the New Meeting window, click the Address Book icon next to the Location: field.
    2. The contacts search window will appear. Type the room resource name you wish to reserve in the search field, then click the Check Availability button on the room. It will appear in the meeting window. If the room is available, click Add to Meeting in the contacts search window to add it to the Attendees list.
  6. Click the Scheduling button.
  7. Click the calendar area to select a meeting time. The scheduled meeting period will show with the left hand bar indicating the start of the meeting and the right hand bar indicating the end.
  8. Click Send to send the invitation. Attendees receive an email invitation to the meeting, and you will be notified if they accept or decline.




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