Delegating your (Microsoft 365) account to someone else using Outlook for Windows

Delegating your account to another individual allows that person to read, send, or delete messages on your behalf, depending on permissions you set.


1. Click the File Tab to open the Account Settings window.

2. Click Account Settings.

3. From the drop-down menu select Delegate Access to open a new window.

4. Click Add to open the Delegates window.

5. Search by full name for the delegate you wish to add. Once you find them, double-click their name to add them to the Add field.

6. Click OK and a new window will appear.

7. Set the desired permission level for each sub-function (calendar, tasks, inbox, contacts, notes, journal) in Outlook. You can give a delegate access to as many or as few functions as you desire.

8. Click OK. Your delegate access to the chosen individual(s) has been set.




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