Reporting broken functionality in CATracks or Our Northwestern

If you experience an error when using the CATracks or Our Northwestern application, please reach out to your SSR for initial support. If your SSR is unable to resolve the issue, please gather the information requested in this guide and then escalate to the ADEA team.


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If you experience an error message while performing a task in CATracks or OurNorthwestern, you can help ADEA with the troubleshooting process by considering the following questions. These questions aim at gaining context and specifics about a reported issue, in order to replicate and determine a root cause of the error. When reporting errors, please provide the relevant answers to the questions below.

  • What application are you experiencing trouble with: CATracks or Our Northwestern?
  • What area of the application is the functionality performed in?
    • CATracks Lookups
    • CATracks Reports
    • CATracks Login
    • OurNU Login
    • iModules Reports

General CATracks issues & questions

  • Please describe what was being attempted when the issue occurred
  • How many people are experiencing the issue?
  • What area of CATracks were you in (Prospect tasks, Entity degree records, committee maintenance, etc)?
  • What navigation steps were taken? (What ‘clicks’ did you make?)
  • Can the issue be replicated on another machine or by a different user?
  • Is there information in CATracks training about how to perform this action?
  • Did you receive an error message? If so, what did it say?

CATracks Lookup Issues questions:

  • What criteria were selected? Please indicate the fields and values selected in the search.
  • What kind of results were selected?
  • Use the “View Criteria” button in CATracks to take a screenshot of your search

Reporting Issues questions

  • What is the name of the report(s) that was run?
  • Was the report run from a clipboard list and if so, how many entities were on the list?
  • What prompts were selected for use with the report?
  • Did the report return results? How long did the report run to provide results?
  • If the report took longer than expected to run, how long? Be specific.

General Our Northwestern issues (iModules) & questions

  • Error message in iModules- sample below
  • Are you experiencing this error in a specific category (content/email/events/donations/memberships/reports)?
  • Which GID where you in?

Internal Content

General Trouble shooting tips for both applications

  • When encountering a “CATracks experienced an error” or an iModules error message, click the “More Info” button to get the actual error message
  • Copy and provide this message to ADEA for troubleshooting assistance.
  • When experiencing issues with lookups, note all selected criteria using the “View Criteria” button from the Lookups screen
  • Take a screen capture of the lookup criteria
  • Try replicating the issue in another browser, and on another machine (if possible ask a friend to try)
  • Try clearing your browser cache using NUIT standards for browser maintenance
  • Try shutting down other applications on your computer and other browser windows
  • If the user is still experiencing the error message, please escalate the issue to ADEA by submitting a ticket.


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