Making a conference call on your Cisco 7841 phone

Add and remove additional parties to a call to create a conference call.

Create a conference call:

  1. While you're on the phone with someone, press the Conference   button.
  2. Enter the phone number of the person you want to add (either on- or off-campus number).
  3. Once the person picks up the phone and you're ready to add them to the conference call, press the Conference  button again.
    1. If the person doesn't pick up or the call goes to voice mail, press the Cancel soft key (soft keys may be found on the bottom of the screen), then press the Pulsing Green Line button to reconnect to the original caller.
  4. Repeat the steps above to add more people to your call. You can have a maximum of eight people on the call, including yourself.
Create a conference call by merging two active calls:
  1. While connected to a call with another call on hold, press the Conference  button. This place the call on hold and the line button will start flashing green.
  2. Press the Flashing Line button.
  3. Press the Yes soft key.
View current participants:
  1. Press the Options (...) soft key twice. 
  2. Press the Details soft key.
Remove a participant from the conference:
  1. Press the Options (...) soft key twice.
  2. Press the Details soft key.
  3. Highlight the person/number you want to remove, then press the Remove soft key.  
For more information see Cisco How-to Videos or  Cisco 7841 User Guide.


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