Managing call forwarding on your office phone using your 7841 phone

You can forward calls from your University desk phone to a new number so you can pick them up at a new location.


  1. While your phone is idle, press the Fwd All  soft key visible on the screen.
  2. Enter the Number you would like to forward the calls to (include a 9+1 for external numbers) or press the Voicemail  button to forward calls to voicemail.  
  3. All calls will now be redirected to ring this number. 
To cancel your forward and resume taking your call on your 7841 desk phone, just press the Forward Off soft key.

Setting up Mobility/Single Number Reach

Single Number Reach offers additional features than the traditional Forward feature.  When you enable Single Number Reach, incoming calls will ring on your desk phone twice and then begin to simultaneously ring on your mobile phone.  If you don't answer the call on either phone, the call will be directed to your University Exchange voicemail system.  You may also set up a date and time parameter for when your calls will be offered on your mobile phone.  

Follow these steps if you want to receive incoming desk phone calls on your mobile phone simultaneously.  


  1. You may access your Self Care Portal anytime on or off campus by navigating your browser to
  2. User Name: NetID.
  3. Password: NetID Password.
  4. Click Sign In.
  5. Navigate to My Phones.
  6. Click the Add Phone icon under the Additional Phones section.
  7. Enter your Mobile Number including the "9" and "1" if your mobile phones a long distance number.
  8. Enter a Description e.g., My Mobile Phone.
  9. Use the radio button to Enable Single Number Reach feature.
  10. Use the radio button to Enable Move to Mobile feature.
  11. Click Advanced Call Timing to set the date/time parameters.
  12. Click Save.
  13. Once the above set-up process is complete, you may enable and disable from your 7841 phone by pressing the Mobility soft key (visible on screen) and selecting Enable and/or Disable.

For more information see Cisco 7841 User Guide or Cisco Self Care Portal Guide.






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