Managing your profile visibility in Our Northwestern

You control the visibility settings of your profile in Our Northwestern. Your can set your profile to be completely hidden, meaning it will not appear in search results for the directory. Or you can make your profile visible only to certain audiences such as: alumni, students, staff/faculty or the community. You can several categories for which you can manage visibility within OurNU. Each category has specific fields that can be managed. You may choose to set visibility of information to only yourself, to your connected friends within the site, or to registered users. Setting visibility to registered users means that any registered user can see the information while logged into the site.


  1. Select Edit Your Profile
  2. Scroll down to Search Preferences
  3. Click the plus sign
    • Personal Info
    • Interests & Activities
    • Email & Social Media
    • Address & Phone
    • Professional Experience
    • Subscription Management


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