Reactivating or requesting a change to your Duo device

There are various reasons why you may need to have Duo reactivated for your phone. If you have access to any device you've already registered for Duo Mobile, you can reactivate Duo Mobile yourself. If you don't have such access, just request reactivation.


Self-reactivating Duo Mobile

If you are able to authenticate using an already registered device, please try the following steps:
  1. Make sure you have a device you've already registered available. If that device is a cell phone, make sure you have adequate cell phone coverage in your location.
  2. On your computer, open a private/incognito window in your browser and go to
  3. In the left pane, click My Settings and Devices.
  4. Authenticate with one of your existing devices.
  5. Select the device that needs to be reactivated, then at the top right click Device Options.
  6. Select Active, choose your device type, and click Continue.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  8. When prompted, open Duo Mobile on your phone and press the + key in the upper right corner. Then point your phone's camera at the QR code on your computer screen.
    • If the QR code does not work or you would prefer to be emailed an activation code, to the right of the QR code there is a blue link you can click to send you a code via email.
  9. When you're done, click Continue.

Requesting Duo Mobile reactivation

If can no longer authenticate using Duo Mobile, send an email message to from your official Northwestern email address, and include the following information:
  • Your NetID
  • A scan or photo of your Wildcard or government-issued photo ID
  • Short description of your issue, such as:
    • I got a new phone
    • I'm not in the US and I'm now using a phone in a different country
    • I updated the phone's operating system and now Duo doesn't work
    • I accidentally deleted Duo Mobile from my phone and even though I reinstalled it, it's not working
    • Duo seemed to spontaneously stop working and I'm not sure why
    • etc
  • Info about your existing phone: 
    • Its phone number 
    • Its phone type (iPhone/Android)
  • If you have a new phone or phone number, its info: 
    • Its phone number (include country code, if applicable) 
    • Its phone type (iPhone/Android)
Our Duo administrators will then troubleshoot your specific situation and send you reactivation instructions or confirm your changes.


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