Finding CATracks Data

CATracks is the alumni system of record for Northwestern. It contains information about students, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, donors and potential donors.


Access to CATracks requires a training course, available through the Alumni Relations and Development department.  Detailed materials and job aids are available in MyHR Learn under Explore Systems Training and Support Materials > CATracks
Data is organized into categories. When searching for information, it helps to think about what kind of data you are searching for ahead of time. 
  • Giving:          Information about donors and their gifts and pledges.
  • Biographic:   Data about entities, including: Address, Degree, Student Activities, etc.
  • Prospect:       Individuals or entities that the University has targeted to solicit for donations: Prospect Manager, Prospect Program, University Overall Strategy
  • Event:           Includes Meetings, Reunions, Club Events, Attendees/ Participants, Event Staff functions that an entity has participated in. 
  • Committee:   Clubs, Trustees, etc. that entities have been part of. 
Lookup Types
  • Affiliation 
  • Allocation 
  • Committee 
  • Committee Participation
  • Contact Report
  • Entity
  • Event
  • Gift Club 
  • Program 
  • Proposal 
  • Prospect 
  • Task 
  • Transaction


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