Troubleshooting issues with attachments in listserv messages

Common issues affecting attachments in listserv messages can be resolved by reducing attachment sizes and modifying the message type.


Embedded images or PDFs are removed or replaced with text

In order for embedded images or PDFs to appear in a listserv message, the message must be sent in HTML format. If you have previously sent a message to a listserv in plaintext format, Outlook will send all future messages in plaintext, removing your PDFs and images. To resolve this issue, you can force Outlook to send messages in HTML format:

Error messages or message does not go through when sending attachment

The combined total size limit for all attachments on a listserv message is 5 MB for most listservs. If you have one or more files which exceed this size, you may receive an error message when sending these attachments to a listserv. Consider the following alternatives to avoid this file size limit:
  • For PDFs, use the steps for 77521
  • For photos, use your photo editing software to reduce quality and reduce size
  • Upload the file(s) to Northwestern Box, and attach a Shared Link to the listserv message using instructions for 70140


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