Understanding navigation in Cognos Analytics

The goal of the new user interface, navigation panel and menu is to provide you with a streamlined way to view content and activities pertinent to you. Logging in at https://reporting.northwestern.edu will take you to the Cognos Analytics welcome page.



The majority of the interface is dedicated to the Canvas, where you will interact with your data. You may select a saved dashboard or report to render on this home page.

On the left side of the UI is the main Navigation bar. This is present on the UI at all times and updates dynamically as you work with the various capabilities within Cognos Analytics. The upper part of the bar provides you with direct access to search for their content, and links to content to which they have access. The bottom portion of the bar provides you with one-click access to capabilities to create and manage new activities such as creating new content, uploading personal data files, and managing the environment (dependent on User permissions).

Visit Creating Report Schedules in Cognos Analytics for detailed walk through

Visit Subscribing to reports in Cognos Analytics for detailed walk through

  1. Click on the Person Icon located on the Application Bar and select My preferences.
  2. Users can turn hints on or off on the main portal page and within the authoring tool my checking or unchecking the Show hints.
  3. Select the Personal tab.
  4. Click on the Advanced to open additional options.
  5. It is advisable to Click the Renew credentials after password changes as a step to troubleshooting schedules that has started to fail.



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