Downloading and Installing OneDrive for Mac

This article will explain how to download OneDrive for Mac and configure it to access your Northwestern OneDrive for Business files.


Download the App
To download the OneDrive for Mac app:
1. On your macOS computer, go to the App Store.
2. Search for OneDrive.
3. Find the OneDrive icon and click Get.
4. Click Install App.
5. Sign-in to your App Store account to begin the download.
Configure the App
Once you have downloaded OneDrive from the Mac App Store:
1. Go to your Applications folder and click the OneDrive icon.
2. On the Set up OneDrive screen, enter your Northwestern email address and click Sign in.
3. You will be brought to the Office 365 screen. Click the password field and wait for it to redirect you to the login screen.
4. Enter your NetID and password and click Log in.
5. The This Is Your OneDrive Folder screen will appear. Click Choose OneDrive Folder Location.
6. Navigate to the where you want your OneDrive folder to be installed and click Choose a location.
7. The This Is Your OneDrive Folder screen will reappear. Click Next.
8. The Sync Files from Your OneDrive screen will appear. Either click All files and folders on my OneDrive to make all of your 
OneDrive files accessible on your computer or click Choose folders to sync to select the folders you would like to sync with OneDrive for Business and then click Next.
9. The Your OneDrive is Ready for You screen will appear. Check Open at login so my files sync automatically and then click Open my OneDrive – Northwestern folder.
10.Your OneDrive folder will open and you are now ready to work with OneDrive for Business on your computer.
* To add your OneDrive folder to your Favorites in Finder, drag your OneDrive folder into Favorites.
* You can also access your OneDrive folder by clicking the cloud icon on the top menu bar.

  If you receive an error message of "We were unable to verify your account. Please sign in for or cancel and try a different account."


 Click Try again and use your for the email address.  





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