Understanding the GL070 Financial Summary Report in Cognos Analytics

Use the GL070 Financial Summary report to see chart strings filtered by project purpose.


For example, if you want to see the financial status of designated chart strings that are set aside for faculty research, you would select "FACULTY_RSRCH" for faculty research projects from the Project Purpose prompt in Cognos. You may also select multiple purposes if you want to see more than one on the report.

  • Project purpose is assigned on the ChartField Request form when new project chart strings are established.
  • To assign a new or different purpose to an established chart string, contact the ChartField Maintenance group.
  • Each project can only be assigned one purpose.
  • Not all eligible chart strings have been assigned a purpose.

Although this report was designed for administrators at the major unit level, anyone with access to Cognos BI and the approprite row-level security can run this report. Data will only be returned for chart strings you have access to view.


Step 1 Navigate to the report

Step 2 Respond to prompts and run the report

Prompt Descriptions

Report Results

Column Definitions

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