Understanding the SC028 Voucher Activity by DeptID Report in Cognos Analytics

The SC028 Cognos report is used to track Online Vouchers, Regular Vouchers (Accounts Payable entered), or All Voucher Types by Department (ID or tree) by a selected range of dates.


  • This report prints best in landscape orientation on legal size paper.
  • The report will only show the expense amount associated with the department or tree node selected as the prompt; this amount may not be the total of the Online Voucher if multiple departments were charged.

Begin by logging into Cognos Analytics.

  1. Click Team content, from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration folder.
  3. Click School folder.
  4. Click Supply Chain folder.
  5. Click the report title to see the prompt page.
  1. Respond to prompts as needed to filter the report.
  2. Click Finish. Result: the report appears in HTML or your default format.

Prompt Name

Prompt Description

Department Prompt


  • Tree: Select one or more department node.
  • Department Search & Select: Search and Select for one or more departments.


Entry Date Range

Select a voucher entry date range.


Accounting Date Range

Select an Accounting Date Range.


Voucher Types

Select a voucher type choice to filter the report by.

  • All Voucher Types
  • Online Vouchers
  • Regular Vouchers


Indicated by Letter

Column Name

Column Description



The system assigned Voucher ID number

  • Online Voucher Style: DPR Direct Payment Request, VTE Visitors Expense Report, OTS Contracted Services, or blank indicating Accounts Payable entered the voucher
  • Voucher Type: Regular or Batch



Voucher Line

Invoice line number.

  • Distribution Line: chart string line number



Invoice Number

The number taken from the invoice or created by the department.

  • Invoice Date: date taken from the invoice or date of service, as entered by the department



Vendor ID, Vendor Name

Vendor selected for this voucher.


Fund, Project, Account

These are the related chart string values corresponding to the Department ID for which the report was run.


Total Voucher Amount

Total invoice amount.

  • Voucher Line Amount: invoice line amount



Voucher Purpose


As entered by department, left blank on vouchers entered by Accounts Payable.
  • Line Description: taken from invoice or as entered by the department




Accounting Date

Determines which Fiscal Year and Accounting Period the expense is posted in; updated if the accounting period closes and the voucher has not been approved/posted.

  • Budget Date: date Budget Check was run
  • Budget Line Status: Budget Check status; Not Budget Checked, Valid, Error



Workflow Status

Pending (not submitted), In Workflow, Approved (paid), Denied (sent back).



Workflow Status

Pending (not submitted), In Workflow, Approved (paid), Denied (sent back).



Payment Number

Check number.



Entered By, Email

voucher creator s name and email address.


For related NUFinancials inquires including check reconciliation, see View Payments to Vendors and Non-Employee


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