Understanding the GL069 Financial Summary Report in Cognos Analytics

The Financial Summary (Including Multi-Year Funds And Excluding Agency Funds) Report can be used to get a snapshot of all your grant and non-grant chart strings (except agency funds). Multi-year funds include funds that are not bound to the fiscal year calendar. This report displays summarized expense and revenue (actuals and budget) financial information by chart string. The report includes all chart strings except agency-related funds (start with 7).


Although this report was designed for administrators at the major unit level, anyone with access to see budget information in Cognos can run this report. Data will only be returned for chart strings you have access to view. Anyone with Cognos Reporting and row-level security to departments or tree nodes may access the report.


Step 1 Navigate to the report

Step 2 Respond to prompts and run the report

Prompt Descriptions

Report Results

Column Definitions

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