Understanding the SC034 Corporate Card Activity Report in Cognos Analytics

The SC034 Corporate Card Activity Report is used to review which procurement card charges in My Wallet have been reconciled via an expense report. The SC034 can be used to review Unreconciled, Reconciled, or Both unreconciled and reconciled transactions. This is a real-time report; data is no from the previous business day.


Begin by logging into Cognos Analytics.

  1. Click Team content, from the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration folder.
  3. Click School or Central folder.
  4. Click Supply Chain folder.
  5. Click the report title to see the prompt page.
  1. Respond to prompts as needed to filter the report. Thee report contains all chart strings to which you have access.
  2. Click Finish. Result: the report appears in HTML or your default format.

Prompt Descriptions

Unreconciled report example


Reconciled report example


Both - Unreconciled and Reconciled report example


Column Definitions


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