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Access myHR Learn for training and classes.

The myHR Learn platform (not the same application as myHR) is accessible to active students, staff, and faculty at Northwestern University. The direct link is If you cannot login to myHR Learn, there are generally three reasons:

  1. Inactive status (you have recently graduated or otherwise left the University).
  2. Very recently admitted or employed at the University but your information has not yet been processed by the myHR Learn system
    1. In this situation, you may update your profile by following the instructions at this link:
    2. If you do not get an access granted message immediately, this means you do not have access. See #1 or #3.
  3. You are affiliated with the University and need to request special access. To gain access as an affiliate, complete the Person Outside the Institution (POI) request form. 
    1. If you have been an affiliate in the past or attended or worked at the University, it is essential that you enter the NETID or EMPLID you used previously. If you don't know it, let us know the approximate dates you were at the University. Accurate information allows for speedier processing. Access the online POI request form here:     
    2. Application processing may take up to 7 business days or longer during peak periods, such as summer months.
    3. You will receive an email notification once access setup has been completed

If a user without an HR Emplid or SES Emplid in NUValidate needs access to myHR Learn, they will need a POI record created for them before they will be able to access the system. This is common for affiliates.

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myHR Learn provides a centralized location to register for training and professional development courses across the University and is used to automatically enroll employees in necessary compliance training, allowing them to easily and completely meet requirements.