Introduction to using plugins in NUsites

Plugins are optional extensions to WordPress that can add new functionality to a site.


NUsites comes with a variety of curated plugins that have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they are compatible and reliable. While there are many other 3rd-party plugins on, NUsites only supports the plugins that are listed on the plugins list. The installation of additional plugins is not supported within NUsites.

You can manage plugins for you site by clicking the Plugins menu item from the left-hand dashboard menu.

Activate or Deactivate a Plugin

In order to start or stop using a plugin on a site, it must first be activated/deactivated by following the steps below:

  1. Click the Plugins menu item in the left-hand dashboard menu.
  2. Either scroll or search for the plugin you wish to activate or deactivate.
  3. Click the Activate or Deactivate button for your desired action for said plugin.

Configuring a Plugin

Some plugins offer different options or settings that can be configured to alter how the plugin behaves in a site. These configuration options can be located in a variety of different places, and not all plugins offer customization.

After activating a plugin, it is recommended that you either review any available documentation for said plugin to determine how it can be customized.

If documentation is not available, try to look through the left-hand dashboard menus (Settings, Tools, or any others that may be relevant) to see if any new menu items are available for configuring said plugin.



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