Understanding web terminology used in NUsites

As you created and manage your NUsites site, you may encounter some web terminology that you may not be familiar with.


Site Identity

Your Site Identity is the site name that’shows up in your Wordpress Dashboard. It doesn’t show up anywhere on your homepage. If you control more than one NUsite, this is what differentiates your websites. In the example below, the site identity is outlined in red.

Header Lockup

The Header Lockup in NUsites is the text under the Northwestern text at the top of the page (or N on the student group template). The Header Lockup text can be customized at any time during the site creation process.

Hero Banner

The Hero Banner is the largest image that shows up on your page. By default, it is our branded purple image on the homepage, but you can change it to whatever image you would like to. It just has to be cropped 1440 x 440 px.

Banner Title & Hero Banner Headline

The Hero Banner Title is the Heading 2 for your website and should be the title of your site (for search purposes). The Hero Banner Headline should be the tagline for your website. They are both highlighted below.

Menus/Site Navigation

The site menu and navigation items are the tabs located just above the content on every page. These are your top-level pages.


A downward-pointing arrow on a menu item indicates that more items live under that section (for example: Research section below). These are revealed when the cursor hovers over the menu item. The submenu is a dropdown menu consisting of pages that are added under the main menu item.


A module is a pre-programmed package of code that can be inserted into a webpage. Modules are composed of templates and/or functions for you to use when building your website. Think of a module as a section of a page. Your page is prebuilt with different sections or modules that feature your content. View our selection of NUsites modules here: http://sites.northwestern.edu/divi-modules/


Like a document footer, a webpage footer contains information listed at the bottom of the page. The footer is also treated as its own section of the webpage, separate from the header, content and sidebars. The footer will be the same on every page of your NUsite.



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