Using the InfoCommons Mobile Cart and Station (Digital)

The InfoCommons mobile cart and station can be reserved at the InfoCommons desk. If you have not been trained on this equipment, please call the InfoCommons desk at (847) 491-7658.


Moving and connecting the mobile cart

  1. Move the mobile cart as close as you can to the resident computer.
  2. Connect the cart power cable into the table power outlet.
  3. On the back of the computer, connect the cart's USB-C cord into an empty iMac USB-C port.

Powering on hardware on the mobile cart

  1. Power ON your source player (i.e. DVCAM or Blu-Ray).
  2. Power ON the Kramer switcher.
  3. Choose the source by manually pressing the button on the Kramer switcher.

Starting the resident computer and QuickTime Player

  1. Log in to the resident computer (iMac).
  2. Start QuickTime Player.
  3. Under File select "New Movie Recording" for DVCAM/Blu-Ray recordings.
  4. Under Camera and Microphone,
    • Select U-TAP/UT_AUD when playing Blu-Ray.
    • Select DV-VCR when playing DVCAM.
  5. Set Quality to High.
  6. Play media from your source device and Capture.

Shutting down the system

Shutting down the system will decrease the setup time for the next IC station user.
  1. Save all your jobs on your memory stick or external drive.
  2. Close QuickTime Player.
  3. Log out of the resident computer.
  4. Power off the hardware on the mobile cart, in the reverse of the order it was turned on.
  5. Unplug the USB-C cable, then the power cable.
  6. Move the mobile cart.

Tech info

Working resolution is 720p 60fps. Blu-Ray signal is HDCP stripped. Output Signal is optimized for QuickTime Player only, other applications were not tested. Blu-Ray source signal is coming from Kramer Video/Audio switcher (manually by front buttons (Blu-Ray)). DV signal goes directly into Resident Computer as FireWire (DV-VCR).


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