Applications Interacting with Microsoft 365 mail with Duo multi-factor authentication

There are many applications which interact with some part of Exchange (email, calendar, contacts) which may be impacted as basic authentication is discontinued for Microsoft 365 (M365). Learn more about potential actions needed for known applications below.


 Zoom Contact and Calendar Integration 
Action Required:  

  • Users may need to reauthorize calendar and contact integration with Microsoft 365 email.  Users may also notice that Zoom contacts and calendar may no longer be updating as expected. To correct this, follow these steps:   


  1. Go to and login
  2. Go to Profile and then scroll down to the Calendar and Contact Integration section
  3. Click Reconfigure
  4. Choose what you want to sync to Zoom (Calendar, Contacts, or both) and click Next
  5. Click Authorize – do not change the EWS URL
  6. Sign in to your Northwestern Office 365 email
  7. Accept permissions requested
  8. After waiting a few minutes, check your meetings and contacts in the Zoom app to ensure that they are displayed



  • You may need to close the Zoom Desktop App and relaunch it for this to take effect. 


Cisco Jabber 

Action Required:  

  • None 


While Jabber can still be used to make phone calls, once basic authentication is decommissioned the interface to Exchange that allows for sharing of presence will no longer function. Also, users may not see their full calendar schedules in the Jabber client, instead seeing Webex meetings only. Lastly, Webex meetings in your Personal Webex room scheduled by using "@webex" in the location field of a meeting invite will not be displayed in Jabber.  

Cisco’s latest update indicates a version of Jabber which supports modern authentication will be released late summer 2020. After its release, Northwestern University IT will need to conduct testing and package the new version for distribution.   

Skype for Business 
Action Required:  

  • Use Microsoft Teams 



  • This product is no longer operable or supported within Northwestern University. It may be safely deleted from the device.  



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