Creating and logging in to your Northwestern Zoom account

Zoom is available to you as long as you have a current, valid Northwestern NetID. A licensed Zoom account will automatically be provisioned for you the first time you log in with your NetID.


1. Go to and click the Log in button.

          Northwestern Zoom login page


2. When prompted to choose a Microsoft account, choose Use Another Account to enter your Northwestern credentials.

          Microsoft chouse


3. When prompted with the Microsoft spalsh page, enter [yourNETID] and click Next.



4. At the Northwestern Online Passport screen, enter your NetID password where prompted and click Sign in.


5. Confirm your identity with Duo multi-factor authentication.



6. Your Zoom dashboard is where you will manage your meetings, recordings, and profile.

     Zoom dashboard



7. In the upper right, click your profile picture. If this your first time logging in, this might just be your first initial. If the information shows LICENSED, you are using a Northwestern license. However, if your information shows BASIC, you are not.

        Zoom licensed account Zoom basic account



8. In addition, from the left pane, click Account Profile to verify that your Zoom account is part of Northwestern's license (account number 1020213).

      Zoom dashboard with Account Profile highlighted



9. If your account does not show as a Northwestern licensed account, contact




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