Network Configuration Settings

The information below is provided by NUIT to assist IT staff with Northwestern University default configurations for computers, printers, and any other network-related equipment within their area.

  •     Client Backup Services
  •     Directory Services
  •     Domain Name Services
  •     Email Services
  •     Time Services
  •     Virtual Private Network
  •     Wireless Services


Client Backup Services

CrashPlan Pro Backup Server (subscription required)

Host Name:
Port: 4280 (client updates), 4282 (client backup), 4285 (web access) 

Directory Services

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) Server
Host Name:
Port: 636
Scope: ou=People , dc=northwestern, dc=edu


Host Name:

Port: 636

Scope: OU=people,DC=ads,DC=northwestern,DC=edu


Domain Name Services

DNS (Domain Name System) Server

Evanston Primary:
Evanston Secondary:

Chicago Primary:
Chicago Secondary:

Email Services

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) for Email Clients

Host Name:

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) for Email Clients

Host Name:

Internal MAIL Relay (server based)

Host Name:
Port: 25

Time Services

Time Server

Host Name:

Virtual Private Network

Traditional VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server

Host Name:
Port: Multiple 

Traditional VPN IP Addresses

IPv4 Address Netblock: ( -

Global Protect VPN (Virtual Private Network) Server

Host Name:

Global Protect VPN IP Addresses

Private IPv4 Address Netblock: ( -
Public IPv4 Address Range: -

IPv6 Address Netblock: 2620:10d:2000:3000::/64 (2620:010d:2000:3000:0000:0000:0000:0000-

Wireless Services

Northwestern Wireless/eduroam
Wireless IP Addresses
Service Private IPv4 Netblock(s) Public IPv4 NAT Ranges
eduroam -
NU NetID authenticated ( - ( - ( - - - - -
Device Wireless ( -
eduroam -
External authorized
institution visitor ( - - -
Guest ( -




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Northwestern provides domain name services for its IP address space as well as DHCP and static address management. These services can be managed by Northwestern IT or they can be delegated out to local IT staff in some instances.