Apple Password Sync

One of things that you will need to do as an Apple user is sync your machine password with the domain.

This occurs when you A) get a new machine or B) for the yearly password change required by Northwestern Information Security.

To get started, click on the “Key” icon in the top of your menu bar.

Note: This is an example of what you might see. Depending on how many icons you have, the “Key” may or not be in the same place for you.

After you’ve located the key, simply click on it to get the pop-up to appear. This is what the window will look like:

Note: For users signing into a new device, this window will appear automatically.

Please sign into this window using your NU NetID and associated password. From there, the window will ask you to enter in your NU password again along with the machine password. For existing users dealing with the yearly password update, this will be your previous password. For users with new devices, we will cover this when you pick up the device.

After you’ve entered both passwords, click on the “Sync Password” button there in the window or hit the “return” key on your keyboard.


After that, you’ll receive a pop-up message stating the passwords have now been synced and you’re all set and good to go!

If you encounter any errors or issues when trying to sync your passwords, please reach out to Medill IT at

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