NUPlans Contributor Basics Journal

This article serves as a general manual on the uses of the various capabilities available within NUPlans Contributor.

Security Access Roles in Contributor

This role

Gives access to these views and related functionality…


Access to fund and carry forward views for budget input, plus the ability to add chart strings and change chart string status


Access to fund and carry forward views for budget input


Access to compensation views for salary budgeting, plus the ability to add salary placeholders

Salary – Confidential

Access to compensation views for salary budgeting, plus the ability to add salary

placeholders. Access to view confidential employees (those with an HR home department ID ending in 90 or 96).


Access to the grants view and access to NUPlans Web for adding grant proposals and for the Indirects Report


Prep File

Includes all other roles except Salary – Confidential. Intended for users who have responsibility for submitting the budget for their entire prep file area.


Navigate to NUPlans Contributor


Then click NUPlans Contributor Login.
  1. The Contributor applications page appears with a choice of budget preparation files by year.
  2. Click NUPlans_FYxx_Budget for the desired year. The Contributor Dashboard opens.


Contributor Dashboard


Navigational Icons

Located in the upper right corner of the Dashboard







It is recommended to log off after each session. Then click the browser’s close icon to exit the application.

Logging off ends the SSO session, which will also log you out of other systems, such as NUFinancials.

If you are logged out due to inactivity, you may need to login again. Click Logoff to see the NU Online Passport page and log in again.




Refresh is unnecessary for data entry, but it may be helpful to see state changes as a result of budgeting activity (yours or your colleagues). You may also use Refresh to reset the logoff timer.




The Return icon takes you to a list of budgeting applications. Click NUPlans_FYxx_Budgetto find your way back.




Opens the TM1 Applications Guide in a new tab.


State Icons

The dashboard tells you the status of the budget group in the State column.







No one has yet taken ownership of the budget grouping in order to edit the budget. Budget groups return to this state when ownership is released.




A user has taken ownership of the budget grouping. This budget group has not been submitted.



Work in Progress

No items belonging to this item are Available but not all are Locked. This state applies only to parents.




At least one child budget grouping belonging to this parent is Available, and at least one other child is in a state of Reserved, Locked, or Ready. This state applies only to parents.




The budget grouping was submitted and locked. Data in this state is read-only. If the budget grouping is rejected, its state returns to Reserved.




All children belonging to the parent budget grouping are locked. The data is ready to be submitted to the next level in the budgeting hierarchy. This state applies only to parents.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or




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