Determining Size of a OneDrive Document or Folder

To view the size of a folder or document,  

  1. Open OneDrive (  

  1. Click the Gear icon. 

  1. Click "Site Settings" in right-hand "Settings" panel. 

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  1. On the Notification Settings page click on “More Settings” in the left pane.  

  1. Scroll to the “Features and Storage” area and click "Storage Metrics" on the "More Settings" page. 

  1. Click through the folders on the “Storage Metrics” page to see size information for folders and documents – start with the “Documents" folder and review the “Total Size” column.    

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  • The size of an individual document is visible via OneDrive without accessing the Storage Metrics page; however the only way to determine folder size is via the Storage Metrics page.  

  • Click on the “Total Size” column header to sort files and folders by size.  

  • The “Storage Metrics” page also provides information about version history, and is a fast way to delete unneeded versions of documents.  

  • When moving or copying data from OneDrive there are limitations imposed by Microsoft.  




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