Microsoft Bookings - Quick Reference Guide for Faculty and Staff

Microsoft Bookings an online and mobile app designed to allow students and colleagues the ability to schedule
appointments with faculty and staff. Using Bookings, you can set office hours or other specific booking times, duration of
appointments, acceptable lead and cancellation times, and automatic notifications of booking changes.
Please note: Bookings is only available to faculty and staff who are in the Office 365 environment. This service is not
available to Feinberg School of Medicine faculty and staff.

How to set up Microsoft Bookings

Step 1:
1. Visit the Office 365 website at,, and log in with Your Northwestern NetID credentials.
2. Select the Bookings App from your list of available apps.

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3. Click on the “Get it now” button.
4. Select “Add a booking calendar” to create a new Booking calendar.
5. Under the “Business name” field name the Booking calendar. Important: Use a unique name and do not use
a person’s name since this name will appear in email global address list. It is recommended to use
“School/Department CalendarName”. Examples: “SoC Language Placement Testing”, “FSM Study Abroad
Advising”, “MSE Major Advising”, “NUIT Training”, etc...

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6. Click Continue.

Step 2:
1. Select “Services” on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen to add one or more services. Examples
of service could be “Office Hours”, “Major Advising”, “Placement Testing” etc...
2. Select “Staff” in the left-hand navigation to add/remove faculty, staff, students, or anyone who will be holding
the meetings. Note: Staff are required to have a Bookings license and a mailbox in Office 365 to be an
administrator or viewer to the Booking. Guests can hold office hours but cannot manage their office hours in
Bookings. Other administrators or views will have to manage guests Bookings calendars.
3. Select “Booking Page” in the navigation bar on the left side of the screen.
4. Set up your booking preferences (See Setup Overview in this document).
5. Select “Save and Publish.”
6. Select “Embed” to obtain the hyperlink to direct students to your respective page.
7. Share the hyperlink with students.


Students will be able to book appointments. Staff and students will receive an email alert, and the appointment will sync
with their Outlook calendar. Calendar invites will contain Microsoft Teams online meetings if the “Add online meeting” is
selected for the service.


Setup Overview
The booking page can be tailored to specific needs and preferences






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