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The LDAP White Pages is the database service that is used to expose directory information about people and departments of the University to applications. This Web site is a reference for users and application developers about the available white pages information. Other information kept in the LDAP database is described in the full schema definition.

Access to information in the LDAP White Pages is open to all applications within the University network. Queries from outside the University receive a reduced set of information. Individuals can manage the display of their personal information through several privacy controls.

Note: Rows shaded in dark gray are not implemented


Fields returned to anonymous LDAP queries

The following data fields are returned to any successful LDAP query against the White Pages directory service. The LDAP query may specify particular fields or accept all these fields in the response should a match be found.

Attribute Name Description Flags Privacy Control

Common name.

This is the field searched when attempting to find a user by name.

displayname Display name O F
givenName First name string of displayname SO F
sn Surname of displayname SO F
eduPersonNickname nunickName as multi-value XO F
nuOtherName Manually-asserted display name N M
nuOtherAddress Manually-asserted office address N M
nuOtherPhone Manually-asserted telephone number N M
nuOtherTitle Manually-asserted title N M
nuOtherDepartment Manually-asserted department name N M
eduPersonAffiliation Affiliation (student, faculty, staff, ...) X F
title University title(s) X H
mail Preferred e-mail address O F
pager Radio pager telephone number   FM
mobile Mobile telephone number   H
postalAddress Employee primary mailing address   H
telephoneNumber Primary office telephone number   H
nuTelephoneNumber2 Second office telephone number   H
nuTelephoneNumber3 Third office telephone number   H
ou Organization unit(s) or department(s) X H
nuCurriculumOnly School affiliation X FP
nucommURI URL to NU video search O  
uid Unique Identifier (Northwestern NetID). sN F


Fields displayed only by the directory Web site (http://directory.northwestern.edu)

The following fields are only displayed from the University directory Web site. These fields are not available to applications except through the LDAP Registry.

Attribute Name Description Flags Privacy Control
nuOffCampus Either "full", "none", or "partial" - view for off-campus   P
nuLegalName Legal name   H
nuProName Professional name   H
eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation Primary affiliation ("student", "employee", etc.)   F
homePhone Employee home telephone number   H
homePostalAddress Employee home address   H
nuPartner Domestic partner   H
nuVoiceMailPhone Voice mail telephone number   H
nuPosition1 Summary block - position 1   H
nuPosition2 Summary block - position 2   H
nuPosition3 Summary block - position 3   H
nuPosition4 Summary block - position 4   H
nuPosition5 Summary block - position 5   H
nuPosition6 Summary block - position 6   H
nuPosition7 Summary block - position 7   H
nuPosition8 Summary block - position 8   H
nuPosition9 Summary block - position 9   H
nuPosition10 Summary block - position 10   H
nuCurriculum Short/long school name(s) with nuGradYear(s) X P
nuStudentCurrentAddress Local residence address   P
nuStudentCurrentPhone Local residence telephone number   P
nuStudentPermanentAddress Student home address   P
nuStudentPermanentPhone Student home telephone number   P
nuSchoolAffiliations School & role pair(s) X F
jpegPhoto Reserved for future use   F
nuPartialResponseData List of attributes revealed for partial white pages return   F
nuDirectoryExpirationDate Date that LDAP entry will be removed   F
commURI labeled URL(s) to H.323 information   F
nuCanChangeAlias User can/cannot change nuAlias item   F
nuChatIdentity Chat/IM service information   FM
nuFratOrSorority Fraternity or Sorority Name   FM
nuhours Hours when available   FM
nuother User choice - free field   FM
nuwebPage User's Web home page - displayed as a clickable link   FM
nunickName Value string of max. 10 nicknames   FM
facsimileTelephoneNumber Fax telephone number   FM
numailbox Delivery host e-mail address   F
nuemailPref Controls if item "mail" is from "numail" or "numailbox"   F
nuAlias Email address unique portion   F
nuproxy NetID(s) with proxy authorization for information in this entry X F


Search fields that are not returned or displayed

These fields are not displayed or returned; however, they are necessary for applications to search the White Pages database effectively.

Attribute Name Description Flags Privacy Control
nuIdTag Valid Identifier(s). This is the field searched for NetID to retrieve information for a particular identity. Xs F
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