Fluid Grant Subcontract Requisitions in NUFinancials (Quick Reference)


The Guide will walk a Requester through all aspects of how to enter and process Subcontract Requisitions on sponsored project chart strings.

Create a Grant Subcontract Requisition

Navigation: Log into NUFinancials > Select Employee Self Service Homepage > Click on the eProcurement (tile)

  1. Click Special Requests for Non-Catalog Requisition.

Note: The University does not use the Due Date field.

  1. Enter Line Item 1 for F&A ($25,000 or less, based on fully executed agreement):
    • Enter *Item Description. Enter F&A description and performance period.
    • Enter *Price. $25,000 or less. Enter US dollars and decimal. Zeros after the decimal are system-supplied.
    • Enter *Quantity. For all grant subcontract requisitions, always enter 1.
    • Enter *Unit of For all special requisitions, always enter EA.
    • Click the *Category Make certain the Category for line 1 is Subcontracts < 25K.
    • In Supplier Name, type the institution with which Northwestern has established the subcontract.

Note: Make sure you select the same Supplier ID and address row on both lines to ensure only 1 PO is created for the subcontract.

  1. In Supplier Item ID – N/A

Note: Manufacturer Section: NOT in Use.

  1. If needed, type comments in Additional Information. Comments are applicable to the line item and not the entire requisition.
    • Send to Supplier box is not typically used as SubK POs are not dispatched to the supplier.
    • Show at Receipt box is not typically used or generally recommended.
    • Show at Voucher is not used.
  2. Click Add to Cart to add the item to your shopping cart.
  3. Enter line item 2 for remaining amount (over $25,000, based on fully executed agreement)
  4. Enter *Item Description. Enter F&A description and performance period.
  5. Enter *Price. Remaining balance of the award amount. Enter US dollars and Zeros after the decimal are system-supplied.
  6. Enter Quantity. For all grant subcontract requisitions, always enter 1.
  7. Enter Unit of Measure. For all special requisitions, always enter EA.
  8. Click the Category. Make certain the Category for line 2 is Subcontracts > 25K.

Note: The non-catalog item fields you entered are saved and added to the shopping cart.

  1. When you are finishing adding line items, click Checkout at the top of the page.
  2. Enter Requisition Name. This should start with SUBK or other naming convention as determined by your school/department so it is easily recognizable as a grant subcontract when viewing your list of requisitions.
    • Maximum number of characters is 30.
  3. Click on the Requisition Type magnifying glass.
    1. Select SUB (Grant Subcontract).
  4. To add an Attachment, click the Line Comments button below the line item.
    • Click Add Attachment > My Device > Select File > Open > Upload > Done.
    • Files to attach:
      • SSJ for amount over $25,000.
      • FEA (fully executed agreement) (PDF from SR email notification) for back-up of subcontract amount.
  5. Once you’ve uploaded the attachment, click Done.

Reminder: Grant Subcontract Requisitions like Blanket orders will automatically get placed on Hold so that the PO is not sent to the Subcontractor.

Note: All chart strings utilize Fund, Dept, and Account codes, at minimum. If you do not know which chart string to use, see your manager.

  1. To view the hidden section that contains the Ship to and chart string fields for a line item, click the Schedule Details next to that line item in order to open the section.
  2. Click the magnifying glass next Ship To.
  3. A lookup window appears. Expand the Search Criteria section to search by Ship to Location or Description.
  4. Click Search and select the appropriate Ship to Location.
  5. At this time, you can input the Attention To field, if it hasn’t already populated with the correct name.
  6. Under Distributions, enter chart string fields for a line item, click Chartfields2.
  7. Enter Fund, Dept, Project, Activity and Account for the chartstring.
    • Project and Activity are required for grant chart strings. The Percent field should be 100.

Note: For each line on Amount-Only Requisitions (Blankets, Grant Subcontracts, and Receive by Dollar Amount), you must select Amount Only in Line Details.

  1. Click the Line Details tab.
  2. Click the triangle to expand the Item Additional Information section.
  3. Switch the Amount Only toggle to Yes.
  4. A pop-up message appears regarding setting the quantity of the line to 1. click Yes.
  5. Click Done when all information has been entered.
  6. You can enter Header Comments if you like, but it is not required.
  7. Justification Comments: Enter a comment to explain the reason you are creating a requisition, and any other information that will assist in getting the requisition approved. Comments entered here will be viewable on the Approval Pages for all Approvers.
  8. Click Save. Requisition ID is assigned.
  9. Click Checkout.
  10. Click Check Budget.
    • The budget check ensures the chart string(s) is valid and has no spending controls against it that would prevent you from submitting the requisition.
    • Successful budget checking pre-encumbers or earmarks the funds.
  11. A pop-up message appears regarding budget checking the transaction. Click Yes.
  12. Click Checkout.
  13. Click Submit.
  14. After you save and submit, a Confirmation page appears.
    1. The Requisition ID is available on this page. This is for internal use ONLY.
    2. The Requisition is submitted to workflow for approval.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) option 7, or consultant@northwestern.edu.

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