Fluid My Requisitions - Cancel Receipts (Training Guide)

This guide shows a User how to Cancel Receipts from the Manage Requisitions page.

A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.

Receipts can be canceled from Manage Requisitions or Add/Update Receipts. These steps focus on Manage Requisition page. Manage Requisitions is used to cancel receipts, whether they contain one receipt line or many. Use Add/Update Receipts when you need to cancel one or more receipt lines, but not all receipt lines.

Why do you cancel a receipt?

Reasons for canceling a receipt include:

  • You entered a receipt in error.
  • You may need to cancel a receipt prior to submitting a change order or to a purchase order being rolled into a new fiscal year. (If you need to re-apply or enter the receipt after the change order or roll to the next fiscal year takes place, you must use Add/Update Receipts.)
  • If you need to cancel just one or more lines of a receipt containing multiple lines, use Add/Update Receipts. 


Log into NUFinancials > Select Employee Self Service Homepage > Click on the eProcurement (tile) > My Requisitions


Cancel a receipt

  1. Locate Requisition with receipt to be canceled in My Requisitions.
  2. Click the Details arrow to the right of the requisition to open the requisition lifeline.

  1. Click the Receiving icon. 

A new window will open with My Receipts displayed.

  1. Click Edit Receipt icon.

  1. Locate the line for receipt that you want to cancel. Click the Related Actions drop-down and select Cancel Receipt Line.

  1.  Click Yes to confirm the cancelation.


Receipt line will not show as Canceled.



  • A receipt cannot be canceled if it has already been matched to a voucher and purchase order.
  • When you cancel a receipt, the entire receipt will be canceled.
  • After canceling a receipt, if you need to re-apply the receipt, you may do so using Add/Update Receipts.


For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email consultant@northwestern.edu.


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