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TeamDynamix is a service management tool that allows organizations to streamline workflows, automate processes, and improve communications among team members. One of the ways of interacting with TeamDynamix is through email, which can be a convenient and effective way to manage service requests, when used properly. In this article, we will discuss the ways one can interact with TeamDynamix via email.

Creating New Tickets

To create a new ticket in TeamDynamix via email, simply send an email to or one of the previously established email addresses used for generating tickets, such as

The subject line of the email will be used as the ticket title and the body of the email will be used as the description of the ticket. All attachments included in the email will be automatically added to the resulting ticket. Anyone copied on the email will automatically be included as contacts on the ticket, and as such, these ticket contacts can be included in subsequent ticket update notifications sent from the system.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not include or copy additional emails that are intended for ticket creation. This could result in multiple tickets. For example, do not send an email to and copy on the same email.

Updating Existing Tickets

To update an existing ticket, simply reply to an email notification you received from TeamDynamix. The reply will be automatically added as a comment to the ticket feed of the associated ticket.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When responding to a TeamDynamix system email notification, the “To” address will default to Do not change this email address when responding to the email. Modifying the email address will prevent the ticket from being updated, and your response will be discarded.

Also, do not include or copy additional emails that are intended for ticket creation such as or on a ticket email notification reply. This will simply result in an email processing error as TeamDynamix recognizes the response as an update and not for ticket creation.

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