Syncing A SharePoint Library or Folder with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder

Synced SharePoint content will appear in Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder under the “Northwestern University” section.   

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Set up Sync for your library or folder

  1. In your browser, on your SharePoint site, navigate to the library of files you want to sync with.
  2. Select the Sync button in the toolbar.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

Note: If your browser asks for permission to use OneDrive, confirm that it's OK.

  1. Sign in to OneDrive to start syncing your files and finish OneDrive setup.


How to Stop Syncing a SharePoint library or folder

  1. Right click on the OneDrive icon in the Windows or Mac Tool Tray and select the gear in the upper right hand corner and select Settings.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  2. Select Account in the left hand column and click on Stop sync next to the folder you no longer want to sync.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  3. Go back into Window Explorer or Mac Finder and find the folder under Northwestern University.  You will notice that the chevron next to the folder is gone and the folder is empty.  At this point you can safely delete the folder without deleting the content in SharePoint.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)


Note: You cannot Sync and Add a OneDrive shortcut to the same content since these are similar and can conflict.  You can only Sync or Add shortcut to OneDrive but not both to the same content. 

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