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Wide angle photo of the SESP learning space in Annenberg Hall Room G08, featuring a Zoom Rooms controller at a lectern facing several tablet armchairs and two large wall-mounted whiteboards.

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Location: 2120 Campus Dr., Annenberg Hall, Room G08

Capacity: 8

Description: Annenberg G08 is a Smart Classroom in the Northwest corner of the Ground Floor of Annenberg Hall. The space accommodates up to 8 people and is equipped with the following resources:

Tables: Tablet-Arm

Chairs: 22

White Boards: Not Listed


  • Zoom Room: Yes | Zoom Rooms Guide
  • Displays: 1
  • Cameras: Front
  • Microphones: Front
  • Wireless Display: Yes
  • Record/Stream: Yes
  • Document Camera: No
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