Accessing Add-ins in Microsoft Office Apps (Desktop and Online)

Where to find Office Add-ins

Here's how to find available Office Add-ins in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. (Scroll down for steps when using Outlook)

  • Select the Insert tab
  • Find Add-ins in the ribbon (you may see either of the following depending on your app window size)
  • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)or
  • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)Select Get Add-ins (if you see the first screenshot then select the Add-ins drop down first)
  • NOTE: For Office Online you will see Add-ins or you may have to select the ellipses in the Insert tab ribbon.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • A new popup window will appear as shownUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • This is expected as Office Add-ins are managed by Northwestern IT.  Select the Admin Managed tab.
  • Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)The add-ins shown are the approved Office Add-ins available for the Office app in use. (Example shown is for Excel at time of publishing)
  • Select the add-in and click the Add button to install.


How to find available Office Add-ins in Outlook.

  • From the Home tab, select Get Add-ins in the ribbon.
  • NOTE: For Outlook Online you may have to select the ellipses in the Home tab ribbon in order to find Get add-ins.
  • The following popup window will appear.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • Select Admin Managed.Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  • The Admin-managed tab indicates which Add-ins are available and already installed.


Requesting Office Add-ins

If after following the steps above you do not find a specific Office Add-in, then you will need to open a Team Dynamix ticket with Northwestern IT Collaboration Services.  Please note that all requests must first be reviewed and approved by the Northwestern ISO team.  Once approved, add-ins will be provisioned and available for use within the Admin Managed tab. 





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