Outlook External Sender ToolTip

External Sender ToolTip in Outlook 365 Clients

Starting on April 12, 2023, Northwestern IT is enabling functionality in Outlook 365 clients (including Outlook for Web, Outlook desktop clients, and Outlook mobile applications) that indicates via a ToolTip when e-mail is received from an unaffiliated external source.

Please note that the ToolTip's existence does not indicate that a message is unsafe. It is a visual cue to remind the recipient to take extra care in determining where a message comes from and to use caution when responding, clicking links, or opening an attachment when the message source is external.

Below are examples of what this ToolTip will look like in different Outlook clients. 

Outlook for Web

External Sender ToolTip in Outlook for Wab

Outlook for Desktop (Windows, macOS)

External Sender ToolTip in Outlook for Desktop

Outlook for Mobile (Android, iOS)

External ToolTip in Outlook for Mobile Inbox External ToolTip in Outlook for Mobile Message Detail


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