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This knowledge base article is for users who would like to change their email address in Smartsheet. 

  1. Login to Smartsheet
  2. Go to 'Accounts' on the bottom left corner > Personal Settings > Profile
  3. Click on the hyperlink "Manage Email Address"
  4. Add your new email address then click Add email address 
  5. Check your inbox for email confirmationUploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  6. Once you click 'Confirm Email' in your email from Smartsheet, you will receive the notification that your alternate email address has been added to your Smartsheet account, you can go back to your Smartsheet account and make the new alternate email address that you just add as the primary by clicking the hyperlink 'Make primary'Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)
  7. You can either delete the old email address by clicking the X icon or leave it as alternate email where you can use it to collaborate with other users.
    Note: if you decide to delete the old email, you will loose access of all the items that were shared with you by other users. 

If you are unable to add the alternate email because it's already associated with another Smartsheet account (see the screenshot below), please contact to get the other Smartsheet account deleted/deactivated so it can be added to your Smartsheet account and make that as your primary email address.

Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

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