What’s New in NUPlans for FY 2024 Budgeting

Enhancements to NUPlans for FY 2024 budgeting

Grants Budgeting – Enter Grant Budgets Using Detail Accounts

  • Redesigned Grant Input tab now mirrors familiar functionality from other fund entry tabs
    • Enter FY24 annual grant budget by detail expense account (Opt-in required by school/unit)
    • See year to date and historical spend by transactional account
    • All 6 series funds appear on the same tab in Contributor
    • Grant proposals added will appear on the Grant Input tab once account has been added to chartstring
    • Salary entries will flow when account exists or has been added to the string
    • Budget entries will appear on FY24 GL077 Income Statement Report in summary when run by Management, Unit, or in detail when run by Account  
    • Existing grant strings from NUFinancials have been imported
    • Data does not flow into NUFinancials

Budgetary Only Filter – View/Adjust Entries on Budgetary Only Accounts

  • New Account subset provided to show entries on budgetary only accounts
    • Provides quick access to view amounts budgeted on non-transactional accounts
    • Subset is available on any fund-based entry tab

Historical Budget Report – Filter report by Project Purpose and Management Level

  • Project Purpose and Management Level attribute filters also available on following reports:
    • Budget Summary Report
    • Budget Summary by Fund
    • Budget Summary Totals by Prep File

Management Budget Report – New Format

  • Grouped columns by Operating Funds, Gift and Endowments, Total Operating, and Recharge


Access to training and reference materials in Knowledge Base

  • NUPlans training materials are now accessible in the Northwestern Knowledge Base
  • Search “NUPlans” at services.northwestern.edu.

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