Northwestern Print: Device Functions- Copy Function

View the Northwestern Print Copy video on the Ricoh Managed Print Service: Frequently Asked Questions and Training webpage to learn more about using the copy features.  These features are available on the Ricoh MFD Devices.

Copying Instructions

  1. Log in to the printer by either tapping your WildCard or logging in with your NetID credentials.
  2. Touch Device Functions.
  3. Touch Copy.

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  1. Place the original documents in the printer:
    1. Document Feeder: Lay the pages face up.
    2. Flatbed Scanner: Lay the pages face down, aligned to the top left corner, and close the lid.
  2. Enter the number copies to be made, using the touch pad. 
  3. Scroll through the screen to select additional Options (example stapling, hole punch, etc.).

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  1. Press the START button to begin copying.
    1. If copying multiple pages on the flatbed scanner, remove first page and place the second page on the scanner, then close the lid and press START.  When you are finished with your last page, press #.
  2. Touch your Wildcard to the card reader or touch Log Out.


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