Linux Cluster


Linux Cluster

SESP has partnered with Kellogg and Northwestern IT to provide SESP community members with access to the Kellogg Linux Cluster (KLC).

The KLC provides users access to high performance computing nodes to run a variety of quantitative software tools, including Stata.

SESP community members may request access by opening a ticket through the Northwestern service desk.

The Northwester Service Desktop Portal is available at

Information on accessing and using the KLC is available at the link below.

To access the KLC you must either be connected to the Northwestern network or connect VPN.

The KLC offers the same, vast library of scientific computing software that Northwestern Quest uses.   A complete list of available software is available at this link – Software on Quest.

Many SESP community members require access to Stata.  A quick guide to accessing Stata on the KLC is available below.

Stata Quick Start Guide – CLI

Open Terminal on a Mac or on Windows open the WSL or an SSH program.

Enter the command below-


Then enter your NetID password.

Next enter the command below to see which versions of Stata are available-

module avail stata

To load the most recent version of Stata type-

module load stata/17

Finally to start Stata type-


Stata Quick Start Guide – GUI

Click one of the links below-

Enter you NetID and Password

Next click the blue +

Then select Gnome Gnome and click Launch

Click the RedHat button in the top left corner of the screen.

Then click on the Terminal button-

In Terminal, type the following commands-

module load stata/17

xstata-mp &

Additional Information regarding how to use the KLC is available at the link below-

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