Login Format for various Northwestern Services

Access to most Northwestern services are governed by your netID and password, though some services need this information formatted in a specific manner in order to successfully grant you access. You can use the table below to better understand how to best format your login credentials to successfully authenticate to various Northwestern services. 


Service Login Format
eduroam netID@northwestern.edu & password
Device Wireless website netID & password
@u email @u email address (FirstNameLastNameGraduationYear@u.northwestern.edu) & @u password
@u email management site netID & password
@northwestern.edu email netID@ads.northwestern.edu & password
NUValidate netID & password
CAESAR netID & password
Canvas netID@ads.northwestern.edu
Zoom netID & password, Company Domain: northwestern
Other SSO platforms netID & password
Wildcat Welcome related sites refer to peer adviser / email


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