Canvas Admins: Using the Northwestern Password Updater Tool

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All Canvas admin account holders are required to update their admin account password annually. This enhanced security measure is being implemented to protect the sensitive student information available via Canvas admin accounts.

Northwestern developers have built a tool that is available within a user's Canvas admin account to help reset the account password quickly and easily. To access this tool and update the password:

  1. Log into your Canvas admin account.
  2. Click on the Admin button in the lefthand global navigation menu and select the account (or one of the accounts) to which you have access.
  3. Within the account navigation menu (one level in from the lefthand global navigation menu), locate the menu item called Password Updater (has a Northwestern N to the left of the name).
  4. Select a new password for your admin account and enter it in the New Password field, then enter it again in the Confirm Value field. Your password must be at least 8 characters long.
  5. Click Submit.

Note: Once you have entered a new password, you will be automatically logged out of your admin account, and you must log in again using your new password to continue using your account.

As a reminder, logging into a Northwestern Canvas admin account requires a special Duo multi-factor authentication setup: Setting Up Multi-Factor Authentication for a Northwestern Canvas Admin Account.

Questions about updating a Canvas admin account password should be directed to:

This screenshot shows the location and interface of the tool within a Canvas admin account:

Screenshot of Northwestern Password Updater tool in Canvas admin accounts

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