Microsoft Teams: Switch to the new Microsoft Teams

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Start the classic Teams desktop client.

Turn on the 'Try the new Teams' toggle at the upper left of the Teams window.

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The Teams app will close and the new client will be installed.  You'll notice 'new' in the Teams logo (upper left) after the new client launches.

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If you browse the list of installed apps, you'll also see that both Teams clients are present on your machine.

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Most of the features you're familiar with in classic Teams are part of the new Teams client.  Please refer to the following to learn more.

User experience improvements.

Known issues with the new Teams client.


Users will also have the option to toggle back to the classic Teams app by selecting the ellipses in the upper right of the Teams desktop window.

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NOTE:  The option to change back to the classic Teams client will only be available through March 31, 2024.  After this date the new Teams client will only be available for use.




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