Fluid Requisitions - Resubmit Denied Requisition in NUFinancials (Training Guide)

This guide will walk the User through resubmitted a Denied Requisition via the My Requisitions page.

Navigate to My Requisitions

Navigation: NUFinancials > Employee Self Service  > eProcurement> My Requisitions

Note: Search Results will automatically default with the search criteria of your netID as the Requester, a From Date going back 3 months, and a Request State of "All but Complete".

Search for a Requisition

  1. To open/update the search criteria, click the Filter icon.

  1. Enter/update any applicable search criteria such as Date From field, Request State or Requisition ID.
  2. Click Done.



Edit a Requisition

  1. Under Actions, select Edit.

The Requisition Shopping Cart will appear.

  1. Click the Checkout button.

  1. Make any necessary edits/adjustments to the requisition.
  2. Check Budget if necessary.

  1. Enter Justification Comments.

Note: Justification Comments are required to resubmit a Denied Requisitionm, an error message will display if you attempt to submit without entering those comments. If the Requisition already had Justification Comments, please make an edit to those comments so that the Requisition is properly re-submitted for approval.

  1. Click Submit.

For additional assistance please contact the IT Support Center at 847-491-4357 (1-HELP) or email consultant@northwestern.edu.

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