Accessing and Using a Shared Mailbox from OWA/Webmail

1. You have two different Options for opening a shared mailbox in Webmail 

Option A - Go in the upper right hand corner, click on your initials, and then on the drop down, click "Open another mailbox"  Type in the name or email address of the secondary mailbox, and then it will open in a new Tab.

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Option B - On the view you sent in your last reply, "Right Click" on the "Folders" section in the left hand navigation pane, and select "Add shared folder or mailbox"  search for the mailbox, and then click the Add button, then this will make it "Stick" in your Outlook Webmail. 

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2. Send AS from Webmail the first time:

  • When you create a new message in Webmail, the default is for the “new Message” to open in the same window as your email,  you will need to hit the “Open in New Window” button:

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  • Once the New Window for the “New mail” is open,  switch over to the Options tab, check mark “Show From”

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  • Then you should see the From: field next to the Send Button

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  • Clicking on the down arrow next to your email address you need to select “Other Email Address”

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  • And search for your shared account:

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  • Select it, and then send as Test message to your personal address, then gong forward, this secondary email will always be an option on your FROM Drop Down. (unless the secondary account is hidden, then this could be broken)



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