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You can manage various settings for rooms and/or resource calendars via the self-service platform, Cayosoft. To have the ability to manage the resource, you will need to be listed as the primary manager. There can only be one primary manager for each resource.

  • Log into Cayosoft using your Northwestern University netID and password via the following link: Administrator Console - Rules (
  • Select “My AD Users” from the left-hand navigation panel. Within this section you will find the rooms and calendars where you are listed as an owner/manager.

  • Select the room or resource you want to modify settings for. Once a checkmark is by the name of the resource to manage, go to the right-hand navigation panel and click “mailbox”.

Booking Tab

Room capacity can be updated here:

Below the room capacity there are two tabs labeled the following:

  • “Accept or decline booking requests automatically”
  • Gives the ability of the parties listed to automatically reserve the resource without waiting for approval from the room manager

  • “Select delegates who can accept or decline booking requests”
  • Give the ability of the parties listed to accept or decline the reservation of all requesting parties
  • At least one delegate MUST be chosen if this option is selected


Use the booking options section to view or change the settings for the booking policy that defines when the room can be scheduled, how long it can be reserved, and how far in advance it can be reserved.

Allow repeated meetings: This setting allows or prevents repeated meetings for the room. By default, this setting is enabled, so repeated meetings are allowed.

Allow scheduling only during working hours: This setting accepts or declines meeting requests that aren't scheduled during the working hours defined for the room. The default working hours are 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday. By default, this setting is disabled, so meeting requests are allowed outside the working hours.

Automatically decline meetings outside the limits below: By default, this setting is enabled.

Booking window (days): This setting specifies the maximum number of days in advance that a room can be booked. The default value is 180 days. The max value is 1080 Days

Maximum duration (hours): This setting specifies the maximum duration that the room can be reserved in a booking request. The default value and max value is 24 hours.


Allow conflicts Settings  Northwestern IT recommends  not changing these setting for Physical spaces, as this could result in double booking of rooms if not being managed properly.

This option determines the maximum number of conflicts that may occur while creating new repeated meeting requests. When set to 0, a recurring event will fail to book if there are already one or more conflicting appointments. If the number is larger than zero, a repeating event may have as many conflicts as it wants before being refused.

This setting determines the maximum percentage of meeting conflicts that are permitted for new repeated meeting requests. The same concept as with the individual conflicts field applies here, but a percentage of allowable conflicts is defined.


There's also a box on this page that you can use to write a message that will be sent to users who send booking requests to reserve the room.

                                                                              Delegation Tab

Within this section you will be able to give a user the following permissions

  • Full access
  • Send as
  • Send on Behalf
  • This adds the party as a delegate of the resource






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