Teams Premium: Intelligent Meeting Recap

Teams Meeting recap (for all licensed Teams users)

Teams base functionality includes meeting recap which allows attendees to revisit meeting highlights (shared content, meeting notes, recording and transcript, agenda and follow-up tasks) on any Teams meetings that are recorded and transcribed. 

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Intelligent Meeting recap

Teams meeting organizers with the Teams Premium add-on have access to intelligent meeting recap on recorded Teams meetings.

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Overview and benefits

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  • Intelligent recap is not currently offered on the Teams mobile app. 
  • Meeting attendees must have Teams Premium to view AI generated notes/tasks, personalized and speaker timeline markers.
  • Teams meeting recordings will be automatically removed after 120 days (this includes AI-generated content).
  • People in your organization who were invited to the meeting can access its Intelligent Recap. Anyone who wasn’t invited won’t have access, even if they have the recording link or Teams Premium. People outside your organization also won’t have access, even if they were invited.



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