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Document scanning solution from TBS (Today's Business Solutions) that uses their ScanEZ proprietary software and hardware to scan books and documents and save them to a variety of output sources.


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ScanEZ (Bookscan) stations are available in the University Library, Deering Library, Math Library, and Mudd Library.

All stations include a touch-screen Windows PC and a flatbed scanner. Some stations also include a single-sheet scanner. Scanned output can be saved in a variety of ways, such as on a USB drive, sent as email attachments, or to cloud storage.

Frequent support issues with ScanEZ stations:
  • Moving Lock Engaged - the scanning arm on the flat bed scanner can be locked to prevent damage while moving the device. This lock is often inadvertently engaged by customers looking for the power switch. The switch for the moving lock is a yellow button on the lower left hand side of the scanner. It should always be in the DOWN position towards the bottom of the unit. When the lock is engaged the scanner makes a shrieking sound when it attempts to move the scan head. Besides being an unpleasant sound the scan arm can be damaged by attempting to move it when it is locked.

Locations of ScanEZ stations in the University Libraries:
  1. Periodicals Room (2 both with flatbed and sheet scanners)
  2. Information Commons (1 with flatbed and sheet scanner)
  3. Link 2nd floor (1 with flatbed scanner)
  4. Link 3rd floor (1 with flatbed scanner)
  5. Link 4th floor (1 with flatbed scanner)
  6. Link 5th floor (1 with flatbed scanner)
  7. Africana Library  (1 with flatbed scanner and sheet scanner)
  8. Transportation Library (1 with flatbed scanner and sheet scanner)
  9. Government and Maps Reading Room (1 with flatbed scanner and sheet scanner)
  10. East Asian Collection Reading Room (1 with flatbed scanner)
  11. Art Collection (1 with flatbed scanner and sheet scanner)
  12. Math Library (1 with flatbed scanner)
  13. Mudd Library (2 with flatbed scanners)


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