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Whether planning for new construction or renovating an existing learning space, Northwestern IT Media and Design team offers a full complement of consulting services to aid University schools and departments in making informed decisions regarding audio-visual and presentation technologies and room-based videoconferencing solutions.

Having designed and led the implementation of over 100 technology-based seminar style and standard classrooms, auditoriums and complex multi-source multi-display active learning spaces on the Evanston Campus, AV Engineers can deliver a technology solution that accomplishes the needs of the program and activities to be supported for the facility.  We provide a grounded and realistic perspective on room design for everyday use, as well as tested and reliable equipment recommendations.


Available to

  • Faculty
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  • There is no charge for a consultation.
  • If NUIT manages the a/v installation the following formula is used to calculate the project management fees.
  • NUIT PM fees include 10% of the first $50,000, 7.5% between $50,000 and $100,000, and 5% over $100,000 of the total a/v project cost.


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Learning Space Design Consultation

Existing Learning Spaces

The Media and Design team meet with schools and departments to review an identified space and perform a needs assessment. This includes a dialogue about the pedagogical and general use requirements of the space, the current technologies available, and recommendations for technology improvements. Other important considerations for early planning and development include a timeline, goals, and budget projection, as well as discussion related to ongoing operational support. 

New or Renovated Learning Spaces

Members of the Media and Design team are also available to meet with architects when planning learning spaces for new buildings or when entire floors or rooms are being renovated. AV Engineers will review drawings and recommend electrical and cable paths based on the anticipated technology, networking needs, and lighting. Although some projects and departments will hire their own non-University AV consultants, there is value added by including the AV Engineering team, especially in the early stages of construction and planning. There is no charge for this consultation service.

Project Management and Design

Project management services for the development and implementation of school or department spaces slated for technology improvements are available on a contract basis. These contract services include but are not limited to:

  • Room analysis
  • Evaluation of specific presentation technologies available
  • Fully developed recommendation and proposal
  • Comparative evaluation of vendor bids (sent to at least three vendors)
  • Collaboration with and oversight of work required by Facilities Management
  • Management of the entire AV installation
  • A tested end-product
  • Customized documentation on use of the system 

All project work is planned and completed based on an expected time frame and NU standards.


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