Splunk Enterprise

Collect all your logs, event data, and performance metrics into Splunk. Search them, correlate them, report on them, alert on them, learn things about your environment that might scare you.

Data can come from just about anywhere: log files, outputs from shell scripts, performance counters, syslog (UDP, TCP or TLS), AWS buckets, REST API calls, HTTP Event Collector, FTPS, SQL databases, and more. Never mind the schema; Splunk is schema-on-read, so you can define field extractions in your own search or create automated parsing rules that present your data how you want it. Schema for JSON or CSV files with headers is automatic. Make visualizations. Build dashboards. Populate your own, non-Splunk dashboards with data served by Splunk’s REST API. Predict, forecast, cluster and detect outlier events with built-in machine learning.

Do you have time-based event data that you use for research? Contact us to see if Splunk Enterprise can help you.        


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